Memorial dismantling suspended, Fenland District Council confirms

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Doddington Memorial Sfety Fence 2

Two Doddington churchyard memorials scheduled to be imminently ‘laid down’ have been given a temporary reprieve.
Bob Ollier, manager of Fenland District Council’s Parks & Open Spaces department, told the Doings that the safety fence around the two memorials, erected by the District Council on Saturday, would remain in place “until a solution is sorted”.
 It was confirmed earlier today that members of a not-for-profit association for The Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, who are concerned about any action taken on the William Bedford memorial, are “investigating the situation”.
The reprieve will come as a relief to Doddington residents who have voiced their opinions about the memorial inspection programme.
For example, commenting on the original story on Friday, one resident said: “Haven’t [Fenland District Council] heard of restoration and desecration? That is someone’s resting place!”
Another resident posted on the Doddington’s Doings poll yesterday: “Come on Fenland District Council, do the right thing, these memorials are our village history.”
Doddington historian Dave Edwards said the suspension of the dismantlement is “excellent news”.
“We must remain vigilant in case other important memorials are declared to be in a dangerous condition,” he added.
“I hope we can get Fenland’s Conservation Officer to add some of the splendid larger Victorian memorials to those already included on the Grade 2 listing, which currently covers mainly the 18th century memorials to the south of the church.”

– Tim Lince


One thought on “Memorial dismantling suspended, Fenland District Council confirms

    […] memorial which was significantly dismantled), and after dismayed residents voiced their objections, the scheme was ‘suspended’ and two memorials were fenced […]

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