Local resident urges people to save empty baby wipe packets for good cause

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 Doddington Wipe Out Waste

Doddington resident Claire Rigby is collecting empty baby wipe packets to donate to the Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust, and is hoping locals can help.
She tells the Doings that she found out about Ellie’s Fund in 2012, and has been collecting and donating ever since.
“I saw a post on the Bounty Facebook page about a charity collecting empty baby wipe packets; I had a 3-year-old and a 3-month old, so I was getting through loads of them!” Claire said.
“I love recycling whatever I can, so thought it would be a good idea to start collecting.”
It’s been two years, and Claire has sent over 11,500 empty baby wipe packets so far.
“Donating all these packets saves them from landfill, and they get made into watering cans, bibs and other things,” Claire explained. “Plus, it’s also raising money for a worthwhile cause.”
The charity gets 2p for every packet received, and all of the money raised from collections goes to research into brain tumours.
“It started off with sending off a carrier bag full at a time, but the rules keep changing,” she added. “It used to be packs of 500, but in January the rules changed again and now for the charity to get credited, you have to bag up 1,300 at a time.”
This means there’s a greater need for more people to collect their empty baby wipe packets, Claire said.
“I have tried to encourage everyone I know to save any they have for me,” she said. “Some people save carrier bags full, others just give me one packet here or there – I’ve also had people give full boxes from nurseries!”
There are collection points for people to drop off empty baby packets at a number of locations around the area: Doddington Under 5s, Just Hair in Chatteris (map) and Sainsbury’s Pharmacy in Huntingdon (map).
However, you can also arrange to meet Claire at Lionel Walden School or elsewhere by messaging her on Facebook.
The poster for the Ellie’s Fund collection is below:


– Tim Lince



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