16 homes planned on top of historic Crossway Wood

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Crossway Wood Doddington

A housing development company has applied for permission to build 16 homes on the site of the historic Crossway Wood on Wimblington Road in Doddington.
Featured in maps since at least 1887, Crossway Wood (opposite Round House) is home to a variety of wildlife, including two ponds that are home to the rare Great Crested Newt.
The application was filed by Lincolnshire-based Larkfleet Group, and consultation letters about the plan were sent out to neighbours on April 2, according to the Fenland District Council’s website.
Concerned residents have until April 23 to voice their objections to the plan, and the Doings has spoken to some residents who are concerned that an important part of Doddington’s identity will be taken away if the area is turned into a housing estate.
Pat Alderton, who lives on Wimblington Road, told the Doings that more houses are not needed because it is an already busy part of the village.
“The road is already full during school drop-off and pick-up hours, so additional traffic will make it much busier and noisier than it already is,” she said.
“Plus, we’ve had problems with the sewage and drainage in the area, so with more houses – can the sewage system cope?”
She added that Crossway Wood, with its diverse wildlife, should be a protected area of Doddington and more houses will fundamentally change the village.
“We moved from Kent to Doddington because we were keen to live in a quiet rural village,” she explained. “All these extra houses are transforming Doddington and it won’t be a quiet rural village for much longer if it continues.”
The planned development (see below), featuring 16 houses and a road entry onto Wimblington Road, will maintain two areas of the pond as part of a “Mitigation Strategy” to sustain the population of Great Crested Newts.

Doddington Crossway Wood Plan

The 16 houses will consist of 12 four-bedroom homes, 2 three-bedroom homes and 2 two-bedroom homes.
Three trees will be removed as part of the development, according to a tree survey of the 3.4 acres of land.
Larkfleet Group has a number of housing developments around the Peterborough area, and uses renewable energy sources on its new homes.
It is understood a similar application was filed last year, which led to a small group of Wimblington Road residents meeting to discuss the proposal. The application was later withdrawn.
Residents must send any comments or objections about the planning application by April 23, and they should be emailed to planning@fenland.gov.uk or by writing to the Planning Department at Fenland Hall.
All comments or objections must quote the application reference number ‘F/YR14/0217/F’ and a full postal address must be provided for it to be logged.
Doddington’s Doings has contacted Larkfleet Group about the planned development, and is awaiting a response.
More photos of Crossway Wood are below:

Doddington Crossway Wood 2

Doddington Crossway Wood

– Tim Lince

1887 map photo credit: Dave Edwards

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