Does more need to be done to combat dog fouling in Doddington?

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Doddington Dog Fouling

Dog owners refusing to pick up their dog’s waste continues to be a problem in Doddington, according to local residents.
One letter sent to the Doings highlights the problem down Wood Street, although other areas continue to have the same problem.
The letter states:

“I am sure, like me, there are plenty of people who are annoyed by some inconsiderate dog owners who do not pick up after their dog.

I live in Wood Street, and during a walk through the village I have to be constantly vigilant to avoid treading in dog waste. I am sure that all the parents of young children who walk from the school along Wood Street are fed up with their children walking in the mess.

Walking out at night also becomes more hazardous as you cannot see it unless you take a torch or walk in the road to avoid it.”

There are a number of signs affixed to lamp posts across the village warning of fines if caught not picking up dog waste, but they appear not to be much of a deterrent.
For example, the photo above is of the sign next to St Mary’s Church in Doddington. Less than 50 metres away, next to the church wall (as of April 19), are various examples of dog waste.
A community questionnaire last year confirmed that dog fouling remains a top concern for local residents in Doddington, along with speeding and littering.
Dog fouling is also a problem in nearby Chatteris, which last month had the park with the most dog waste versus three other local parks in March, Wisbech and Whittlesey.
Fenland District Council is said to be “taking the lead” on tackling the problem of dog fouling in Doddington, and has provided signs and dog waste bins around the village.

But the question remains: Does more need to be done? And if so, what?


One thought on “Does more need to be done to combat dog fouling in Doddington?

    Annoyed resident said:
    April 26, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Yes, more needs to be done! I say name and shame – if you see someone who doesn’t pick up dog pooh then post the name on Facebook, or take a photo of them doing it!

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