Doddington residents plan mammoth walk to raise money for Hinchingbrooke

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Doddington Post Office

Two Doddington residents will walk a 25-mile local route to raise money for an important piece of equipment for the maternity department at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.
Andy Costall and Brett Riley will walk a circular route from Doddington to March, Christchurch, Manea, Chatteris and then back to Doddington.
The charity walk will take place on Saturday, May 10, and is raising money to buy a photo therapy machine for Hinchingbrooke’s maternity department, Andy Costall explained.
“Me and my fiancé Beth’s daughter, Nevaeh, was born on March 3 at Hinchingbrooke with heavy jaundice and had to have double photo therapy for four days,” he said.
“We discovered the department did not own its own machine, it has to borrow or rent one, so we wanted to give something back – which means we need £3,000 to buy the machine.”
Around £700 has been donated already, and Andy acknowledges there is a long way to go – but says he won’t give up trying to raise the full amount.
“We’d really appreciate any donations,” he added. “And thanks to those that have already donated!”
Anyone who would like to donate to the cause can sign the sponsorship form on the counter at Doddington Post Office. If you would like to donate but cannot get to Doddington Post Office, comment below and we will put you in contact with Andy.
A map of the route that Andy and Brett will take is below:

Andy Costall Charity Walk Doddington


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