Parish Council pursuing restoration of Doddington War Memorial

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Doddington War Memorial Angle 1

Local resident David Bamford has confirmed on Facebook that the long-awaited repair of Doddington War Memorial has taken a step closer to reality.
Bamford said that he received a phone call from parish councillor Ray Mason, who said the Parish Council had contacted two local firms and is awaiting a quote on the cost of a repair.
“This, I’m sure you will agree, is good news,” Bamford said. “Having said that, now is not the time to sit back and hope all will be well.”
“These things have a habit of dragging on. This must not happen,” he added.
“I would still urge Doddington residents to inspect the memorial themselves and make up their own minds, and also make their feelings known throughout the village.”
There has been concerns about the state of Doddington War Memorial, located in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church, for years.
The main concerns are the fading of the names, for example:

Doddington War Memorial Side 2

Plus a number of cracks and damage, such as this one:

Doddington War Memorial Damage

The Doings is happy to publish any concerns you have about the state of Doddington War Memorial, just send us an email, comment below or on our Facebook page.
Doddington’s Doings has also contacted the Parish Council about helping with the restoration of Doddington War Memorial.

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