Anyone can enter a float for this year’s TV-themed Doddington Carnival

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Doddington Carnival

The Doddington Carnival & Sports Committee is offering trailers, lorries, tractors, drivers and building spaces to make it easy for anyone to enter a float for this year’s Doddington Carnival.
The annual event, to be held on July 5 this year, dates back to 1922 and is a much-loved community tradition.
The floats that travel through the village on the morning of the Carnival have usually been built by local clubs and groups. However, a reliable source told the Doings that groups of people, such as family, friends or neighbours, can easily work together to make a float this year.
“It’s a really good opportunity to work together on a fun project that’s seen by the entire village, and thankfully this year the committee is really pleased to be able to provide even more transport, trailers, drivers and building spaces for anyone interested in building a float,” the source explained.
“There are trailers varying in size, so whether it’s just a small group of friends or a whole army of people, there will definitely be a suitably sized trailer!”
This year’s theme for the floats is TV Programmes, which the source says will “generate endless ideas for float entries”.
“Even businesses can promote themselves by choosing a TV programme that matches the nature of their business; for instance, garden centres could enter as Gardeners World, hairdressers as Channel 4’s Great British Hairdresser, builders could enter as DIY SOS… the list is endless!”
There’s still plenty of time for people to enter a float to take part in this year’s procession.
“It is hoped that villagers will give Doddington Carnival & Sports the support it deserves, as without them the day simply wouldn’t be able to go ahead,” the source added.
To enter or for more information, contact Jason Shepherd by email ( or phone (07980 795398).
Further information about Doddington Carnival & Sports, including photos from previous years, can be found on the committee’s website.

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