Letter: Fenland District Council asks whether action event needed to tackle dog fouling in Doddington

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Dear Doings

Dear DD,
Your article in the May edition of Doddington Doings has asked the question if more can be done in the fight against dog fouling. If volunteers of the community would like to come together for an action event in their chosen areas we will be happy to assist. This letter is to enquire if there are specific areas locally where dog fouling is of concern to the villagers and where a successful partnership approach that is already attracting attention elsewhere in Fenland may assist in changing the behaviour of your local dog owners.
Dog fouling is recognised as being a priority issue for many Fenland communities. As a result, Fenland District Council has been working with local Street Pride and In Bloom volunteers to identify community priority areas and incorporate these in to a high profile awareness campaign.
To highlight the impact that the minority of irresponsible dog owners have on local amenity, local volunteers have been out in  the larger of Fenland’s open spaces spraying dog fouling with  brightly coloured biodegradable paint.  This is to raise awareness of the problem and for users of the open spaces to see  clearly  the effect dog fouling has on the enjoyment of  these open spaces.  The campaigns have seen impressive results in reducing the amount of dog fouling.
We have been approached by residents who have seen what is happening in FDC open spaces and would like us to hold similar events in their communities. These have taken place in March, Wisbech, Chatteris, Whittlesey, Parsons Drove and Newton.
Should the community want an awareness event to be held in Doddington please do not hesitate to contact me: 01354 654321.
Kind Regards,
Layna Warren, Street Scene Team Leader, Fenland District Council

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One thought on “Letter: Fenland District Council asks whether action event needed to tackle dog fouling in Doddington

    Rosemary Garrow said:
    May 29, 2014 at 9:21 am

    Yes, I agree that dog fouling in Doddington does present a problem. As a dog owner myself, I find it totally irresponsible of people not picking up after their dog has fouled.
    We never leave the house without a dog bag. Being a dog owner involves not only the enjoyment of ones pet, but also the responsibility to ensure that a pet needs to be looked after. Picking up and disposing of dog poo is just one of those responsibilities.
    You would not leave a soiled baby nappy in the street…….
    Fenland District Council are cleaning out their dog disposal bins regularly, especially the one in Wood Street by the fields, so please use them……….
    Happy dog walking

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