Villagers voice objections over application to build 62 new homes in Doddington

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Doddington Cambridgeshire Sign

Not one Doddington resident voiced their support for the proposal to build 62 new homes behind Lionel Walden School in Doddington on Wednesday, with over 100 residents voicing their objection to the plan.
The meeting was held at Doddington Methodist Church on Wednesday evening (16 July), with residents and other interested parties attending to find out more information about the application and to give their own personal feedback to the recent application for a new housing estate in the village.
The application was filed by Whetstone Developments, who claim that the plan has been four years in the making and would see 62 new homes built on the land behind Bevills Close and Eastmoor Lane, with the only access from Bevills Close.
In the lead up to the meeting there was quite a bit of concern from residents on social media, including local Councillor and Doddington resident David Connor making a personal plea urging as many residents as possible to attend the meeting.
This led to a crammed Methodist Church, with concerned residents overflowing into the foyer and ultimately filtered into adjoining rooms.
In total, 100 objections were made to the application and not one resident was in favour of it, with the main concern about the lack of plans to improve the current infrastructure of the village if extra houses are built.
One resident commented: “Doddington can’t cope with the sewage, roads and infrastructure. When will Fenland Council take a better look at the situation?”
With no sign of plans for expansion from the local water board, road system or school education system with regards to the planning application, this raised further concerns with residents.
Councillor David Connor followed up his previous plea by praising Doddington residents who attended the meeting, saying: “A real credit to the great people of Doddington for their support tonight.”
The outcome of the meeting and level of the objections raised means that it will now go to the Fenland Council Planning Committee to discuss and ultimately determine at their next meeting.
The Doings will keep following this story so villagers are aware of the next steps.

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