Doddington Parish Council Meeting Summary – January 2015

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A little belated but here is the summary of the topics discussed at the January Doddington Parish Council Meeting.


Street Lighting

Fenland District Council have recently arranged for a safety check to be carried out on all of the street lights within the village that are the responsibility of the Parish Council. They have agreed to replace six of these street lights at no cost to the Parish Council. Discussion are continuing with Fenland District Council on whether there are further lights that need upgrading.

World War 2 Commemorations

Cambridgeshire County Council have announced that they will be providing small grants of up to £500 to local communities and organisations wishing to arrange community activities linked to and inspired by the 70th and the 1940’s era. The Parish Council is very keen to see activities taking place and will be in conversation with the Royal British Legion and other local groups to see if community events can be arranged.


Precept for 2015/2016

The Parish Council has kept its precept requirement for the next financial year unchanged from the current figure of £27,500.



These village Parish Council meetings are monthly events, the most recent meeting took place in the Pavilion, Benwick Road on Monday 16th February. A full summary of the meeting will be released shortly as will the details of the next meeting due in March.

For residents information, the Clerk to the Parish Council can be contacted on 01354 680892 or by email at


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