Residents raise local issues in Local Safer Neighbourhood Team survey.

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A recent survey undertaken by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Fenland District Council which saw residents of Wimblington, Stonea, Doddington and Benwick participate has raised a number of local concerns and issues.

The survey, which was taken back in October 2014, invited residents to complete a short questionnaire to help influence what the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Fenland District Council were to adopt as their community key concern in local the villages.

In total 93 survey questionnaires completed, covering all parishes and the majority of the community that replied to the survey questionnaire felt the level of crime and antisocial behavior was low.

For the village of Doddington a total of 31 survey forms were submitted, of these 20 issues were identified to be of concern and 11 raised no concerns. 26 perceived the crime rate as low, 4 medium and 1 high.

The main issues raised were dog fouling, speeding, littering/fly tipping.

Dog Fouling seems to be happening either early hours or late at night and the suggestion is that owners are allowing their dogs to foul when walking them at these times comfortable in the knowledge that they are not going to be seen. Areas of concern are Sports Field Benwick Road, Benwick Road, New Street and general areas of the village.

Speeding – High Street/Newgate Street/New Street/ Benwick Road mainly during rush hour times and school drop off/pick up times. Lorries through the village anytime of the day.

Vehicles accelerating before they reach the national speed limit on Benwick Road, concerns raised that this causes vehicles turning out of Doddington Hospital, Ashkam Care and residents drives difficulties exiting safely.

Littering/ fly tipping. Areas of concern are Wood Street, Benwick Road where litter blows into hedgerows and is not being cleared. Sports Field in Benwick Road.

As a result the key concerns the police will be focusing on is speeding. The Fenland District Council will be the lead on dog fouling and littering/fly tipping.

After the event local Pcso Sally Mitchell commented “We would like to thank all those who took part in the survey“.

For full details on all of the issues raised across all parishes please click here.


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