St Mary’s Church

St Mary's Church Doddington

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The Revd Kevin Peter Fitzgibbon: The Rectory, 49 Charlemont Drive, Manea, March
Phone: (01354) 680969
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Foodbank Donations

Members of the congregation of St Mary’s Church have recently starting donating food to the Chatteris Foodbank.  It is felt that there may be other people in Doddington who would also like to contribute.  Accordingly, a box is to be left in the Church Rooms during the monthly Thrift Shop and also during the Friday lunches (12:00 Noon – 1-00 PM) for anyone who would like to donate.
If you would like to donate but the above times are inconvenient, please ring Jenny on 740894 to discuss alternative arrangements.
The following items are always needed:
UHT milk                      Rice Pudding
Sugar                               Meat/fish (Tinned)
Soup                                 Vegetables (Tinned).
Tea Bags                         Biscuits and sponge puddings
Coffee                              Pasta or Rice (300g or 500g)
Cereals                            UHT Fruit juice
Mashed Potato              Juice (long life)

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