Captains orders – Doddington resident and football team captain beats two bouts of cancer to defy odds and return to the pitch.

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We thought we’d take a moment to share this recent article from the Cambs Times newspaper with regards to a young man from Doddington and his incredible fight and two successive cures of cancer.

It was last summer (2014) that Doddington lad, and captain of the Doddington Utd football team, Lee Barnett (22) of Doddington discovered that he had testicular cancer.

Lee was diagnosed in the August and booked in for his operation to remove his testicle the following week. The operation was successful however the doctors discovered that despite attending to the discovered cancer within a week it had already shown signs of further development and tests revealed the cancer had in fact already spread to Lee’s lungs.

The doctors were always very positive about the outcome but it meant that he needed to start a course of chemotherapy. Lee was  treated in the teenage cancer trust ward at Addenbrooke’s, which he received his final bout of treatment for in November 2014. From speaking to his family they commented on how well Lee responded to the treatment and the only real side effects were his mood swings and loss of appetite. They also commented on how amazing the staff were at the Addenbrooke’s Teenage Cancer Trust Ward throughout.

Thankfully in December 2014 Lee and his family received the news they’d been hoping for, the all clear. For Lee, although naturally delighted by the news, this was just another challenge in his road to recovery and seized the opportunity to  fight himself fit and once again return to the beloved pitch again.

When his friends a family heard of Lee’s devastating news they all wanted to whatever they could to support Lee and the team working with Lee to overcome his battle and also raise awareness of Cancer. Lee’s dad Darren and family friend and keen cycling enthusiast Matt Costall (also of Doddington) arranged a charity bike ride of the Norfolk coast as a result, which takes place this coming spring.

The event, which will see Darren and Matt cycling over 240 miles of windy coastal roads, has raised over £4,000 to date and the total continues to rise.

After weeks of daily intensive training at the local gym, Lee Barnett defied odds and returned to the pitch in a home game for the Doddington Utd in Feburary 2015, largely to a heroes welcome from fellow team mates and supporters.

Not only did Lee fight to beat cancer two bouts of cancer in his body, he also saw to defying the doctor’s odds of not being able to play football for his team again this season.

What an incredible inspiration to the world Lee is.

Over the course of the next 5 years Lee will have to have regular check-ups but the cancer itself has now gone, thanks to the very talented doctors who operated on him and to the staff at the Addenbrooke’s Teenage Cancer Trust.

If you would like to show your support to Lee’s family and friends on their charity bike ride to help raise money for the cause, then click the link below to take you to their Just Giving charity pledge page.

Just Giving – Charity Bike Ride for Lee Barnett


Residents raise local issues in Local Safer Neighbourhood Team survey.

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A recent survey undertaken by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Fenland District Council which saw residents of Wimblington, Stonea, Doddington and Benwick participate has raised a number of local concerns and issues.

The survey, which was taken back in October 2014, invited residents to complete a short questionnaire to help influence what the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Fenland District Council were to adopt as their community key concern in local the villages.

In total 93 survey questionnaires completed, covering all parishes and the majority of the community that replied to the survey questionnaire felt the level of crime and antisocial behavior was low.

For the village of Doddington a total of 31 survey forms were submitted, of these 20 issues were identified to be of concern and 11 raised no concerns. 26 perceived the crime rate as low, 4 medium and 1 high.

The main issues raised were dog fouling, speeding, littering/fly tipping.

Dog Fouling seems to be happening either early hours or late at night and the suggestion is that owners are allowing their dogs to foul when walking them at these times comfortable in the knowledge that they are not going to be seen. Areas of concern are Sports Field Benwick Road, Benwick Road, New Street and general areas of the village.

Speeding – High Street/Newgate Street/New Street/ Benwick Road mainly during rush hour times and school drop off/pick up times. Lorries through the village anytime of the day.

Vehicles accelerating before they reach the national speed limit on Benwick Road, concerns raised that this causes vehicles turning out of Doddington Hospital, Ashkam Care and residents drives difficulties exiting safely.

Littering/ fly tipping. Areas of concern are Wood Street, Benwick Road where litter blows into hedgerows and is not being cleared. Sports Field in Benwick Road.

As a result the key concerns the police will be focusing on is speeding. The Fenland District Council will be the lead on dog fouling and littering/fly tipping.

After the event local Pcso Sally Mitchell commented “We would like to thank all those who took part in the survey“.

For full details on all of the issues raised across all parishes please click here.

Speed checks carried out in the village after residents raise speeding concerns.

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Some of you may have notice that on Thursday (20th February) of last week the Police were carrying out speed checks in the village.

Concerns were raised by the public at the local community forums recently and as a result the Police took action by carrying out a series of speed checks in hot spot areas of Doddington and the neighboring village of Wimblington.

Whilst there was no major signs of excessive speeding reported a number of motorists were stopped by the police for exceeding the speed limit.

Police speed check in Newgate St, Doddington last week.

Back in October 2014 residents of Wimblington, Stonea, Doddington and Benwick were invited to participate in a short questionnaire to help influence what the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Fenland District Council were to adopt as their community key concern.

One of the key issues raised by Doddington residents was the concern on motorists speeding in the village both within the village itself and on the roads leading out of the village.

Particular raised hot spots we were on the key roads leading through the village such as High Street, Newgate Street, New Street and Benwick Road, mainly during rush hour times and school drop off/pick up times with lorries reported speeding through the village anytime of the day.

Another area of concerns was on the roads leading out of the village with vehicles accelerating before they reach the national speed limit on Newgate St, Wimblington Road and Benwick Road. Particular concerns were raised that this causes vehicles turning out of Doddington Hospital, Ashkam Care and residents drives difficulties exiting safely.

It is important that we take care of our speed within the village and that we encourage motorists to slow down and take care in the village before a serious accident occurs. If the issue of speeding continues in the village then we may need to prepare ourselves that traffic calming measures may be enforced in time to help prevent this.

Drive safe!

Pamper & Shopping Evening – Thank you.

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A thank you from the Carnival commitee…

“Thank you to everyone who came or provided a stall for our Pamper & Shopping Evening on Friday.

The evening was a great success & once again the village showed their support for the Carnival. The more money we raise throughout the year the more we can put into the Carnival to make it truly spectacular!”

Doddington Parish Council Meeting Summary – January 2015

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A little belated but here is the summary of the topics discussed at the January Doddington Parish Council Meeting.


Street Lighting

Fenland District Council have recently arranged for a safety check to be carried out on all of the street lights within the village that are the responsibility of the Parish Council. They have agreed to replace six of these street lights at no cost to the Parish Council. Discussion are continuing with Fenland District Council on whether there are further lights that need upgrading.

World War 2 Commemorations

Cambridgeshire County Council have announced that they will be providing small grants of up to £500 to local communities and organisations wishing to arrange community activities linked to and inspired by the 70th and the 1940’s era. The Parish Council is very keen to see activities taking place and will be in conversation with the Royal British Legion and other local groups to see if community events can be arranged.


Precept for 2015/2016

The Parish Council has kept its precept requirement for the next financial year unchanged from the current figure of £27,500.



These village Parish Council meetings are monthly events, the most recent meeting took place in the Pavilion, Benwick Road on Monday 16th February. A full summary of the meeting will be released shortly as will the details of the next meeting due in March.

For residents information, the Clerk to the Parish Council can be contacted on 01354 680892 or by email at

Event: An evening with Jim Kelly

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One for all you novel fans out there!

FROLIC (Friends of the Library in Chatteris) are hosting an evening at Chatteris Library with local crime writer Jim Kelly on Tuesday 24th February.

Jim, author of the classic Philip Dryden series (with the magnificent Humph, the taxi driver) and more recently DI Peter Shaw series – will be doing a speaking followed by some Q & A exclusively to an intimate audience.

Tickets are priced at £3 and are avaialble at the Chatteris Community Hub or at March Library. Alternatively you can email to reserve your place.

Proceeds from the evening will go to FROLIC (Friends of Chatteris Library) and they’ll also be doing refreshments for a small donation at the event.

All change as local Doddington stores get’s a facelift.

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Another Doddington business has been treated to a fresh face for 2015 as the independently owned Costcutter store on the High St went through an entire refit this week and officially joined the OneStop franchise.

The store owners, the Brahmbhatt family – who have proudly been serving the village for over 12 years now will remain the owners of the new store and still be the familiar faces behind the counter but the store itself has been treated to an entire modern refit and the range of items on sale has vastly increased to match the familiar ‘One Stop look’.

As well as the increase to the product range on offer the store will also benefit from the wide range of special offers and promotions that the One Stop chain regularly promote and prices are closely monitored to keep them in close competition to supermarket prices.

Whilst some shoppers managed to get a sneak peek of the new store today the official opening of the new store is tomorrow, Saturday 21st February where the Brahmbhatt family invite everyone along to come a celebrate a new era for them. To mark the occasion there will be face painting available in-store between 12pm and 2pm.

May we wish the Brahmbhatt family all the best with there new store and we hope they remain a familiar face in the village for many more years to come.